Life After Divorce


Your divorce has been finalized and a family court judge has approved your divorce agreement.  While many clients are able to move forward with their lives post-divorce, there are some people who run into legal matters even after a divorce has been finalized.  This generally happens when there needs to be a change or modification in the divorce decree or one of the parties is not complying with the divorce agreement.


Jim's experience and dedication to his clients extend beyond the finalized divorce agreement to issues after divorce.  We help our clients understand how to address any post-divorce issues that may arise and help them make the best decision that works for their specific circumstance.  We understand that this is both an emotionally and financially difficult time for you.  We do our very best to help ease these stresses for you by providing skilled and comprehensive divorce counsel.

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There are a number of legal issues that a client may need assistance with after a divorce is finalized. This may be immediate or even years later. What is important is understanding that a compassionate and skilled attorney at our law firm can be there for you no matter how complex your post-divorce case may be.

One common post-divorce issue is the need to make a change in the divorce agreement.  This must be done by petitioning for a modification with the family court judge.  It is not wise for either party to make changes on his or her own. An amendment to the divorce agreement is called a post-judgment modification.  Modifications can be made in child support, maintenance (alimony)child custody and placement as well as other divorce issues.  Not all modification requests are granted as there are certain requirements that must be met and it is up to the discretion of the court.  We assist with all post-divorce modification issues.

Another common post-divorce issue is when one or both parties deviate from or refuse to comply with the divorce agreement. Whether a party refuses to pay child support, is constantly late on payments, or does not honor the child custody and visitation agreement, these actions can be considered a violation of the agreement.  There are consequences such as being held in contempt of court.  We can help enforce an agreement or dispute that there was a violation.



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